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The Ups and Downs of this Thing called Autism

I have a category on this blog dubbed “Emotional Roller Coaster” and I find that MOST of my posts wind up falling there. I think it’s because that is the biggest part of raising children, the ebbs and flows of parenting. The times that we feel really good about the job we are doing, and then those times when we feel …Continue reading →

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Big Changes

Wait… You guys! This is crazy good. I just got an email from school telling me that J gave a presentation in English class and he spoke clearly, made eye contact, didn’t fidget–nothing!! He didn’t even need prompting from his aide, or his teacher, or his classmate. Wow! This is big people. Now, if I can only get him to …Continue reading →

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I Know Things Now

Today my son enters middle school and I am looking back on nine years of excitement and butterflies, hugs and goodbyes, smiles and waves. Both his, and mine. I am feeling all of the feelings: excitement, joy and wonder but also anxiety, worry and doubt. Today, my son will continue down his own journey toward independence. I am beyond proud of him for all that he has …Continue reading →

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Just Stop for a Second…How actually taking a break, forced a change.

Lately, it seems that even the smallest things seem to set my son off. His anxiety has been amplified with the onset of puberty, and aided by a new vitamin regimen. What was supposed to be a natural way to help alleviate his attention issues, and help soothe his anxiety has amped him up to the point no matter what …Continue reading →

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How do I say this…

My kid was threatened today while in cooking class at camp with…a butter knife. I have been trying for hours now to figure out a way to express both the seriousness as well as the ridiculousness of that statement. Here’s the backstory… For the last two weeks and two days, J has been teased and frustrated by a boy in …Continue reading →

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In the past year I have become all too familiar with how anxiety can affect someone. When it hits, there is a physical reaction, a biochemical reaction that takes place. It is crippling, and confusing, and debilitating. Anxiety stops us from doing what we love, from trying new things, from sleeping, from eating, from living our lives. I, just like …Continue reading →

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No Judgments

Here’s what I know… Sometimes, folks like to be helpful. Other times, people like to meddle. And some other times, they like to sit in an ivory tower and tell you that they are right and you are wrong. Parenting is not a pass/fail situation. Parenting is a thesis. It is something that you write and edit and agonize over …Continue reading →

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Where I’m at these days

Well, it has been a crazy school year! As it unwinds, I find that I have some time to jot down my thoughts, once again. To bring you up to speed, we have been dealing with some issues with our “typical” child that are actually, believe it or not, stemmed from her “special” brother. And that’s where it literally stems …Continue reading →

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Why I don’t…

Being the parent of a special needs child can be extremely isolating. Although your friends can be empathetic, it is hard to believe that your situation is fully understood. If you constantly talk about how your kid is “different”, well, folks get tired of hearing it. Sometimes, they even think you are using it as an excuse, or a crutch …Continue reading →

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