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A Bit Judgy

I’m sure, like me, by now you’ve seen this gracing your facebook page. And, maybe, like me, you chuckled a bit the first time you saw it. But then, I stopped. And I thought about it for a moment. When I started this blog, I set out to keep it a safe place, with no judgments. And that’s kind of …Continue reading →

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Great Expectations

I am not sure if “Great Expectations” is the right title for this post, or, maybe “Letting go of Expectations”. Let’s take and look and see, shall we? I have been the mother of a child on the autism spectrum for eight years now. He has been diagnosed for five of those eight years. J’s rigidity and need to adhere …Continue reading →

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Getting my special needs child back on track after the storm

I was so thankful when the kids headed back to school on Monday morning! Yes, they need the structure. Yes, they need to be occupied mentally. But, more importantly, I needed a break!! Ten days at home, mostly without power, is too much for this mom. J did not want to go back to school. Now that the power was …Continue reading →

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Living with someone with autism is not always easy. Heck, living with anyone is not always easy. My son has many limitations. Some he has placed on himself; some are placed on him because of how his brain and body function. It is often difficult for those around him to know which of those limitations are a mere result of …Continue reading →

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Summertime and the living is…EASY????

So, here I am in the second week of J’s summer vacation. Boy, has it been a bumpy road. Without the structure, he is a pinball bouncing from the computer, to the Wii, to the TV, to the iPad, etc. By 9 am, I have already said “no” to him at least 15 times. And saying “no” is a stressful …Continue reading →

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We are Family

Last week I wrote about expectations placed on your child. In that post, I was referring to those placed on him or her, and on you, as their parent by society. Now, I want to talk about the expectations your family puts into the mix. Everyone has a different way of parenting their kids. Those of us with special needs …Continue reading →

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Sensory Overload for your SPD Kid

When J was a baby, I was very concerned with how much television he watched. I listened to the reports about how much a toddler should watch and how much was considered too much. This was all before I even thought J had any kind of ADD/ADHD. This was before I knew J was on the Autism Spectrum. This was …Continue reading →

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Managing Expectations of a Special Needs Child

We all have grandiose expectations for ourselves and those around us. When you have a special needs child, you slowly learn to adjust those expectations quite a bit. The upside to this is that when your child meets your expectation, it is considered a big win. If he or she EXCEEDS it, well, that’s a triumph! When you have a …Continue reading →

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