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August, 2017

Overcoming Fear

One of the hardest parts of having a child with anxiety, is recognizing so much of yourself in them. When a therapist begins to kind of take apart your kid, and you hear the things you feared first hand, you have no choice but to take a hard look at yourself.   Take for example, social anxiety. Now I am …Continue reading →

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What Happens When your “Rock” Starts to Crumble?

As you know, I have a son on the spectrum, with ADHD and SPD. I also have another child and she, it turns out, battles anxiety. Like, in a very serious way. My girl was always my rock. Although she was a really tough baby (cried all the time!), she turned out to be a fantastic, flexible, silly, lively, vivacious …Continue reading →

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Independence, can you imagine…

My boy is 12, almost 12 1/2 and today, for the first time, he stayed home alone. You see, he’s supposed to be at camp, but was home sick with a stomach bug yesterday and decided he wasn’t 100% okay to return so he wanted to stay home again. Which is fine. Totally fine, except that now this marks day …Continue reading →

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