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Different, but not…well, just different

This is a rough one.
First off, let me begin by saying that I am so grateful for all of those in our lives who show us love and support. I appreciate the kind words and the kindness towards Jackson.
So, what I have to say is this, why does it feel sometimes like I am SUPPOSED to be appreciative and thankful for people behaving how they are supposed to behave? People should be nice and kind and thoughtful and respect one another’s differences, both adults and children. I don’t know why I should thank you for showing my son, or insisting that your child show my son, the respect, warmth, civility, kindness, appreciation, consideration, time, attention than any other person would get if they were neurotypical!
In order to truly foster the concept of inclusion, the first step is to erase the stigma and to not judge. To accept that if my son is funny, and sweet, and nice that he should be liked for those reasons and not that and, ya know, he has autism. Although those things are not mutually exclusive, one does not negate the other.
You want to raise a contributing member of society? One who is thoughtful and doesn’t pass judgment? Then start here and now. Don’t tell them to accept my child BECAUSE he has autism but in spite of it.
Ok, that’s all on that for now.


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One Response to “Different, but not…well, just different”

  • Natasha says:

    I feel this way all the time. I am constantly feeling like I am demanding what should just be common kindness for my son. Your posts are always so spot on, you are an amazing mom. We all get caught up multitasking and juggling life, you are human but I think you are an exceptional hunan being. Hugs.

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