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WTF People??

So, after that great report about how J did so well on his presentation in English class, I pick him up from school, have the prerequisite two minute exchange with his aide, and then off we drive to pick up little sis at her school. Then he says something, and I feel my my chest tighten.

He says that he knows sometimes he isn’t nice but why do people have to be rude?

I ask what happened.

He tells me that today, in orchestra, he started to not feel well. He said that he said outlaid that he felt like he was going to be sick and that the girl sitting next to him, who he did not know, told him, “I swear to god, if you puke, I will kill you.”

Very f-ing nice.

So, I ask where his aide was. “I don’t know”, was his response.

“Was he IN orchestra with you?”


Well, listen the guy has to take a break and who would think that ORCHESTRA would be the place my kid gets picked on??!! So, I get that it seemed like a good time.

So, I immediately send an email to the appropriate parties: aide, case manager, teacher letting them know what J told me.

From the teacher I get, “He was less than five feet away. If something happened it must have been very quietly.”

Okaaayyyy…what does that have to do with anything? A quiet threat is any less threatening???

But she went on to explain how she would handle the situation, and that she would defer to the case manager.

Then the case manager (who I love, by the way–super kind and effective) responds stating that she will speak with J and his aide tomorrow and try to get to the bottom of it. And she would make sure that his aide did not take a break during orchestra anymore. (Like I said, effective–proactive)

Then, another email saying that either the principal or assistant principal would be investigating the matter.

Let me just say, this is a completely different situation than what we went through the last six years in elementary school.

J’s elementary school did not deal with kids being picked on, or bullied or harassed. AT ALL. We had several incidents that could be construed as either of those, and nothing was ever done. It was infuriating. But that was the climate, and everyone knew that it was happening and no one ever did anything to change it.

I did go to the higher ups last spring after a series of events that needed to stop, starting happening all too frequently. THEN, the school did something. And, thankfully, there is a new sheriff in town in that school, so my daughter (who was also a victim of bullying on more than one (may, three or five, occasions)) can have two years where she feels safe and looked after, before moving on to middle school.

The thing is, as much as this situation sucks, and it does suck, I have restored faith in the system. I reported something, and action was taken.

I don’t know what the outcome of all of this will be. I don’t know if my son misinterpreted something that a stranger said to him (although, he is not a liar and, I believe, knew the consequences of what he was telling me). What I DO know is that he spoke up for himself when someone was flat out mean to him, and that he told me about it. Those are big things. I also know that something is being done to make sure my son feels safe at school. That is also huge.

So, progress, of sorts.

Will keep y’all posted.



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