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Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

If you’re like me, I dread whenever family asks what to get my kiddo for the holidays. This year, his list consisted of out of stock cars and trucks from the original movie Cars. Sure, you can get ’em, but you’ll have to get it from some stranger on ebay!

So, I came up with this list of other ideas, that I think my kiddo, and maybe yours too, will like:


These sensory soothing alternative to chairs or beanbags are so cool. They come in great colors, and there are so many different styles to choose from. I think the “Gamer Chair” is great for all our little screen addicts to get some sensory input while playing their favorite game.

Fat Brain Toys

There are so many great toys here, for all ages and all skill sets. It may take you a while to navigate through the site as there are so many filter options, but it’s worth it. I actually sat my son in front of the site and asked him what he thought he might like, which should alleviate some of those gifts that never get played with.

The Inspired Treehouse – Gift Guide

This is a great resource, broken down by age and stage of development for gift ideas. Whether it’s a gross or fine motor toy, for a toddler or preschooler, this list has got you covered!

Toys R Us – Gift Guide

It’s the store you know and can depend on. For years now, they have pulled together this list to help find gifts for the special ones in our life.

Ability Station

Although navigating this site is not ideal, they have some great products for sensory seekers and the like.

Different Roads

This site was created by an ASD mom and it is awesome! Lots of great learning ideas for your ASD kid.

eSpecial Needs

Gifts and tools large and small for your kiddos, yourself, and your house.

Fun and Function

This site allows you to search by age, diagnosis, budget and what you are looking for help with. What could be easier??

Playability Toys

This site also allows you to search by diagnosis, and has something for kids from baby to school aged.

Special Needs Toys

Ya know what I like best about this site? Products are actually reviewed by people with disabilities. I mean, who knows betterĀ than someone on the spectrum, what someone on the spectrum might like??

Pocket Full of Therapy

A reader just reminded me of this site. I ordered stuff from this site for years when my kiddo was younger. Great sensory toys!


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