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Where do we find Inspiration?

We all find inspiration in different things in our life. My children are my inspiration.

I was lucky enough to hear someone speak last week at an Autism Speaks Dinner that inspired me. Not me personally, but inspired me for Jackson. His name is Kerry Magro and he is a sensational individual. He is an adult with PDD-NOS.

I was talking him up to my husband since last Thursday. Because of our schedules, it wasn’t until two nights ago that I was able to share Kerry’s awesomeness to him.

Kerry has gone to college. He has had a girlfriend. He is the social networking person for Autism Speaks. He has consulted on movies. HE IS WRITING A BOOK!

This, to me and to my husband, was the most uplifting individual I have ever known.

Please check out his website: for more information on this amazing young man.

Where do you find your inspiration?



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