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Here are some links I have found to be helpful, either for my soul, or for making things a little easier. is a site I only recently discovered, but I think that it has so many brilliant ideas. There is a virtual program where you can put in your child’s diagnosis anad symptoms and see the world through their eyes! How cool!

The Mighty is a wonderful place for people who live with disabilities get to share their stories and, you, in turn, get to feel like you’re not alone.

The Friendship Circle is an amazing resource to help develop social skills, and to find a place where you, and your child, can meet similar people.

Looking to connect with other families going through what you are? Try checking out the Autism Support Network and see if there is a group near you.

Sometimes our best source of information is not always to be found locally. My husband discoverd The Autism File a few years back. It is out of the UK. They aren’t currently printing and sending subscriptions, but you can get everything from their website.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the largest autism society out there, Autism Speaks. There is a wealth of information on their website, but the parent tool kit is an essential well, tool!

I discovered this YouTube site accidentally and I am unbelievably glad that I did. You will not want to miss the amazing life hacks and strategies this young lady offers for people living with ADHD, like herself.

And here are some more:

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