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Hi, everyone! Welcome to My Special Boy. I started this blog for those of us who are affected by children with Special Needs.

As this is a work in progress, please be patient as I find my footing here in the blogosphere. I will be adding more to the site as soon as I can.

My son, who we will just call “J”, is 7 years old. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, ADHD and SPD when he was 3 years old. For those of you not familiar with those acronyms, they are: Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorder. I also have a daughter, who we’ll just refer to as “E”,  is 5 years old and is a “typical” kid. For anyone who knows E, she is far from typical but she is the best thing for J. She pushes him to communicate. She asks him questions ad nauseum. She is more outgoing than the rest of our family combined.

The purpose of this site is for those of us who have children, or know of children who see and experience the world a little (or sometimes a lot) differently than other children. You may know a child who is not diagnosed with any disorder but who may need some guidance in a certain aspect of their development. I would like this site to be a place where we can share our experiences. A safe place where we can help each other find whatever it is we may be looking for to make our child’s life a little easier. A place where we can ask for help because we know that it is so hard to ask for help when we need it most. An environment free of judgment but, rather, chock full of compassion and warmth.

So, please, feel free to share your stories and connect with other people going through exactly what you are going through. Your experiences are worth more than you realize.

If you have a recommendation, please feel free to share. I only ask that we respect each other as people and as parents. We may be traveling similar paths, but none of us is in the lead. We can all learn from one another.



2 Responses to “About”

  • Nicola says:

    Hi Jaime!

    Remember me? We met the other day at the Magic Forest in Lake George. It was very nice to meet you, and J and E.

    Nice blog! I’ve bookmarked it and I’ll be back to check in on J’s progress. I used to keep a blog about my son, Jake, at It’s still there and, like yours, it’s full of anecdoctes about his life and “disability” (I hate that word), but it hasn’t been updated in quite a while. Maybe soon I’ll get back to it.

    I also run a webcam out the front of our house:
    In case you’d like to check the weather in Cornwall, Ontario. 🙂


  • MLC says:

    Hi Jaime!

    I’m the mother at Apex Tigers with the PDD kid who started regular school in Chatham after coming out of a special ed school (remember us?) I sooo need your advice and was wondering if you could contact me privately? I am so not familiar with this process and I know you are a world of information, and I would so greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks so much!!!


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