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I recently came across one of those recommended thingies on my facebook page. I usually just scroll right through but something about this one caught my attention. If you have a child with ANY learning disability, I highly recommend checking out the site This site not only offers amazing tips and strategies, there are downloadables like an IEP checklist, graphic organizers …Continue reading →

At the Corner of Anxiety & Autism

As if being on the spectrum was not enough for my boy to deal with, what with sensory overloads and bridging the gap between what’s in his mind and the world around him, he also has the additional strain of ADHD what with it’s distractibility and unreliability to help him receive and retain information, and, of late, the confusing world …Continue reading →


Good morning! It seems I had a little glitch. If you signed up as a subscriber, but are not getting any emails, please try resubscribing. You can also send me an email to let me know. Thanks so much and sorry for the confusion.

The Ups and Downs of this Thing called Autism

I have a category on this blog dubbed “Emotional Roller Coaster” and I find that MOST of my posts wind up falling there. I think it’s because that is the biggest part of raising children, the ebbs and flows of parenting. The times that we feel really good about the job we are doing, and then those times when we feel …Continue reading →

Not Yet Letting Go

So, J started middle school. I am allowed to pull right up to school, rather than with the masses of cars on side streets or shopping center parking lots, and drop him off and pick him up. He is allowed to enter school a few minutes before everyone else and go to his locker before the crowds rush in. I …Continue reading →

WTF People??

So, after that great report about how J did so well on his presentation in English class, I pick him up from school, have the prerequisite two minute exchange with his aide, and then off we drive to pick up little sis at her school. Then he says something, and I feel my my chest tighten. He says that he …Continue reading →

Big Changes

Wait… You guys! This is crazy good. I just got an email from school telling me that J gave a presentation in English class and he spoke clearly, made eye contact, didn’t fidget–nothing!! He didn’t even need prompting from his aide, or his teacher, or his classmate. Wow! This is big people. Now, if I can only get him to …Continue reading →

I Know Things Now

Today my son enters middle school and I am looking back on nine years of excitement and butterflies, hugs and goodbyes, smiles and waves. Both his, and mine. I am feeling all of the feelings: excitement, joy and wonder but also anxiety, worry and doubt. Today, my son will continue down his own journey toward independence. I am beyond proud of him for all that he has …Continue reading →

Just Stop for a Second…How actually taking a break, forced a change.

Lately, it seems that even the smallest things seem to set my son off. His anxiety has been amplified with the onset of puberty, and aided by a new vitamin regimen. What was supposed to be a natural way to help alleviate his attention issues, and help soothe his anxiety has amped him up to the point no matter what …Continue reading →

Learning to Surf

I may have had the best conversation with J yesterday that we have ever had. Ya know why? Because it was an actual CONVERSATION, a back and forth of dialogue, that stayed on topic (for the most part), in which we were both totally engaged!! I can cough it up to (a) him having exercised, like REALLY exercised at football …Continue reading →

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