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How do I say this…

My kid was threatened today while in cooking class at camp with…a butter knife. I have been trying for hours now to figure out a way to express both the seriousness as well as the ridiculousness of that statement. Here’s the backstory… For the last two weeks and two days, J has been teased and frustrated by a boy in …Continue reading →


In the past year I have become all too familiar with how anxiety can affect someone. When it hits, there is a physical reaction, a biochemical reaction that takes place. It is crippling, and confusing, and debilitating. Anxiety stops us from doing what we love, from trying new things, from sleeping, from eating, from living our lives. I, just like …Continue reading →

No Judgments

Here’s what I know… Sometimes, folks like to be helpful. Other times, people like to meddle. And some other times, they like to sit in an ivory tower and tell you that they are right and you are wrong. Parenting is not a pass/fail situation. Parenting is a thesis. It is something that you write and edit and agonize over …Continue reading →

Where I’m at these days

Well, it has been a crazy school year! As it unwinds, I find that I have some time to jot down my thoughts, once again. To bring you up to speed, we have been dealing with some issues with our “typical” child that are actually, believe it or not, stemmed from her “special” brother. And that’s where it literally stems …Continue reading →

Why I don’t…

Being the parent of a special needs child can be extremely isolating. Although your friends can be empathetic, it is hard to believe that your situation is fully understood. If you constantly talk about how your kid is “different”, well, folks get tired of hearing it. Sometimes, they even think you are using it as an excuse, or a crutch …Continue reading →


I recently said to my husband that the decision to have children is a very selfish one. He looked at me kind of funny and asked what I meant. It’s really hard to put that into words, but I’ll give it a shot. After all, we are looking at that experience through OUR eyes, not the eyes of our children. …Continue reading →

Taking Stock

There are times in our lives when we actually stop and take a moment. Often, these times are not self imposed but thrust at us when we least expect it. It was a cold, Saturday morning and we were running late to get to Jackson’s football game. Typically, my husband takes him to his early morning games on Saturdays, but …Continue reading →

Life. Unscripted.

Recently, there have been a number of unforeseen occurrences in our lives that have very little to do with J. We have been dealing with other issues head on and it has brought me to this: You just can’t make this shit up. Life is hard. Life with kids is really, really hard. You think you are doing the best …Continue reading →

Where, oh where has the time gone

The summer months are drawing to a close but it has been a wonderful summer. J returned to the camp he loved so much last year and he was a rock star. I mean, seriously, like, all the counselors screaming his name every day when I picked him up from camp. One counselor, a young man entering college this year, …Continue reading →


Parenting is a lesson in one’s own self. I firmly believe this. It is a constant exercise in self-reflection. It is a work in progress that moves forward at a rapid pace. It is when we stop and take stock that we make change. I have often thought about how my personality and my actions affect my children. Sometimes this …Continue reading →

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