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I have never been an accepting person. A defensive person, yes, but accepting, not so much. It is something I didn’t realize about myself until after I became a parent. When you have children, you quickly learn that your life is no longer primarily about you. Not that I would consider myself selfish, but the magnitude of this concept was …Continue reading →

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We are Family

Last week I wrote about expectations placed on your child. In that post, I was referring to those placed on him or her, and on you, as their parent by society. Now, I want to talk about the expectations your family puts into the mix. Everyone has a different way of parenting their kids. Those of us with special needs …Continue reading →

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Managing Expectations of a Special Needs Child

We all have grandiose expectations for ourselves and those around us. When you have a special needs child, you slowly learn to adjust those expectations quite a bit. The upside to this is that when your child meets your expectation, it is considered a big win. If he or she EXCEEDS it, well, that’s a triumph! When you have a …Continue reading →

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