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As I approach the last days of summer vacation, I am filled with so many emotions. I am distraught that J’s camp experience this July (which seems like a year ago now!) was so dismal. I am proud that he achieved a goal of receiving his green belt in Tae Kwon Do. I am filled with joy of the memories …Continue reading →

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I have never been an accepting person. A defensive person, yes, but accepting, not so much. It is something I didn’t realize about myself until after I became a parent. When you have children, you quickly learn that your life is no longer primarily about you. Not that I would consider myself selfish, but the magnitude of this concept was …Continue reading →

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Sensory Overload for your SPD Kid

When J was a baby, I was very concerned with how much television he watched. I listened to the reports about how much a toddler should watch and how much was considered too much. This was all before I even thought J had any kind of ADD/ADHD. This was before I knew J was on the Autism Spectrum. This was …Continue reading →

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Managing Expectations of a Special Needs Child

We all have grandiose expectations for ourselves and those around us. When you have a special needs child, you slowly learn to adjust those expectations quite a bit. The upside to this is that when your child meets your expectation, it is considered a big win. If he or she EXCEEDS it, well, that’s a triumph! When you have a …Continue reading →

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Where do we find Inspiration?

We all find inspiration in different things in our life. My children are my inspiration. I was lucky enough to hear someone speak last week at an Autism Speaks Dinner that inspired me. Not me personally, but inspired me for Jackson. His name is Kerry Magro and he is a sensational individual. He is an adult with PDD-NOS. I was …Continue reading →

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Where are we and where do we go from here?

So, as I have said, J is 7. He is about to finish first grade. It has been a great year for him! But, now that we are on the precipice of summer vacation, I wonder where we go from here? While most moms at pick up are so happy to be shed the days of schedules and appointments, I …Continue reading →


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