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They say you shouldn’t compare…

As I type this, my son, J is playing on his Wii. He is playing Harry Potter Lego, Years 5 – 7. Prior to that, he tried watching the movie Cars but could not locate one of his race cars from the movie to recreate the opening race scene, so he moved on. Well, actually, I should clarify. HE did …Continue reading →

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I have never been an accepting person. A defensive person, yes, but accepting, not so much. It is something I didn’t realize about myself until after I became a parent. When you have children, you quickly learn that your life is no longer primarily about you. Not that I would consider myself selfish, but the magnitude of this concept was …Continue reading →

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We are Family

Last week I wrote about expectations placed on your child. In that post, I was referring to those placed on him or her, and on you, as their parent by society. Now, I want to talk about the expectations your family puts into the mix. Everyone has a different way of parenting their kids. Those of us with special needs …Continue reading →

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Sensory Overload for your SPD Kid

When J was a baby, I was very concerned with how much television he watched. I listened to the reports about how much a toddler should watch and how much was considered too much. This was all before I even thought J had any kind of ADD/ADHD. This was before I knew J was on the Autism Spectrum. This was …Continue reading →

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